About Direct Capital

Direct Capital was established in 1994 and is owned by its executives who have been together since its first fund.

We manage investment into private companies which, by their nature, are difficult for the wider community of investors to access independently.

Investors in our funds are generally large pools of capital that are managed for long term growth. These are investors such as pension funds, insurance funds, community trusts, church groups and Maori trusts.

We raise capital from investors every 4-5 years within specific funds and invest that capital over a period of time into 10-15 private companies. The investment is held indefinitely, benefitting from the long term growth of the company.

In our 20 year history we have raised and managed more than $1 billion through 8 funds, including three affiliate programmes.

Investment Period Fund Size
2010 - 2015 Direct Capital IV $325m
2005 - 2009 Direct Capital III $130m
1998 - 2004 Direct Capital II $35m
1994 - 1998 Direct Capital I $68m

Both our Direct Capital III and Direct Capital IV funds include investment from Pohutukawa and Pohutukawa II. The Pohutukawa series of funds were established to provide the public a vehicle for investing in private companies. The Pohutukawa funds are managed jointly by Direct Capital and Craigs Investment Partners. www.pohutukawafund.co.nz

Our affiliate programmes were established with joint venture partners to invest in specific industries and in companies that are at an earlier stage of development. Each fund received cornerstone investment from local and multi-national corporate partners.

Active Period Fund Size Joint Venture Partner
2005 - 2011 BioPacificVentures $103m inventages
2001 - 2005 TMT Ventures $123m Advent International
2000 - 2004 CHH Ventures $15m Carter Holt Harvey

Our partners in these funds include:

Craigs Investment Partners

Craigs Investment Partners is one of New Zealand's largest investment firms, offering solutions to both private investors and corporate clients.  Craigs is Direct Capital's co-manager of the Pohutukawa series of funds, providing access for retail investors to gain exposure to private company investment.  

Inventages is one of the world's largest life science, nutrition and wellness focused venture capital firms.  Inventages is a co-manager and investor in BioPacificVentures.

Nestle is the world's largest food company and the largest investor in BioPacificVentures. 
Advent International

Advent is a co-manager of TMT Ventures.  Based in Boston, USA Advent has offices in 16 countries and affiliates in a further 7 countries, making it one of the world's largest private equity firms.  
Telecom New Zealand

Telecom New Zealand is the country's leading telecommunications provider.  Telecom is a corporate partner in the TMT Ventures corporate venture programme, and provided its initial seed capital in 2000.   
Alcatel Lucent

Alcatel Lucent is one of the world's leading suppliers of telecommunications infrastructure and technology, particularly in fixed networks.  Alcatel Lucent is a corporate partner in the TMT Ventures corporate venture programme.

Ericsson is one of the world's leading suppliers of telecommunications infrastructure and technology, particularly in mobile networks.  Ericsson is a corporate partner in the TMT Ventures corporate venture programme
Carter Holt Harvey

Carter Holt Harvey was the corporate partner in CHH Ventures, a corporate venture programme established by Carter Holt Harvey in 2000.