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Growing Your Business

Successful businesses never stand still. To meet the challenges of an ever-changing world with ever-changing customer demands, successful owners and managers continually seek out new areas of growth.

Whether that growth comes from new product development, expansion into new markets or the acquisition of a competitor, it usually takes additional funding to achieve it.

Funding may come from retained earnings, or it may come from increased bank debt. But for the kind of growth that is really going to make a difference to a business, funding usually needs to be long term and it needs to be equity.

Direct Capital was established to provide the capital that can unleash the potential of a business. We become shareholders alongside the owners and take on the same risks. And our investment is about increasing the value of your business.

An investment from Direct Capital brings our capital, our experience, our networks, and our brand.

We support management teams, help with strategic direction, identity growth opportunities and acquisitions, and help management act on them.

We use our network of New Zealand and Australian companies and individuals to help businesses.

As a board member we can introduce key members with new skills, ideas and a broader industry perspective.

As an investor, we represent the leading institutions in Australasia. That market values our investment in a company.

As a shareholder, we have the same interests as owners, growing the business and its earnings, making it a great place to work, and continuing to build a great company.

We invest in both New Zealand and Australia and are proud of our trans-Tasman success. Our New Zealand companies typically expand to Australia or make acquisitions there. Our Australian companies typically have operations in New Zealand.

While many companies find the first time crossing of the Tasman a leap into the unknown, we have the experience gained from helping more than half our companies achieve it.

With our help, the move is quicker and less risky.

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