Business Owners
Thinking About Capital?

New Zealand has a wealth of successful, privately owned businesses built through hard work and astute business decisions made by passionate, committed owners. But for many owners it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day operations and forget about the bigger picture – enhancing growth options, acquiring a competitor, expanding to Australia, or thinking about their own personal plans beyond business.

We become a catalyst for change:

Grow and prosper
Expand their business to its full potential without relying on personal funds

Remain prepared
Be ready to make sensible acquisitions

Enhance ownership options
Free up the ability to enable shareholder changes

Go offshore
Use our capital and international experience to expand offshore and develop new markets

Live your life
Prepare the business for the time when owners can relax and spend time with family, enjoying the rewards of their hard work and investment

Thinking about growth?

A business owner may see a competitor’s business for sale. They know that acquiring it would make a great addition to their own business – broaden their market or expand their customer base. It would increase their profit and value, and help them achieve their business goals more quickly. But they may not have the personal resources or want to risk of more bank debt to act on the opportunity. Growing your Business.

Thinking about selling?

While many business owners feel comfortable planning an expansion of their business, they shy away from making the hard decisions about when and how to extract themselves from their business. Often it’s a life event that forces a change but without a plan in place the outcome can be less than ideal. But with the right plan and the right financial partner, an owner can reduce their ownership or operational involvement over time, in a way that suits them…..Selling your Business.